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Jan 11, 2019 · It’s a reference to what we can have here for posting about problems, brags/wins & rollorcoaster days 😂😂😂 Not to visit the site as its mostly poker 😎 11th January 2019 at …

[graphs] Ouchy 5nl vs 2nl variance. - Poker 2009-6-11 · Well, I decided to try 2nl again just for a little bit, just to see if the I continued to swing on that... sorry people it IS a small sample. I do think 2nl is a lot easier than 5nl, it's like people only start to play past 2nl, even thoguh they bad in general, I do feel as though I need to learn different lines at 5nl. Variance | Run It Once Apotheosis breaks down the concept of variance and counters common misunderstandings on the topic by a short look into the mathematical foundations before discussing different cash game and MTT examples for a practical view on the impacts of variance in poker.

Everybody says .. To me one of the great things about poker is the variance involved. Think about this .. Tiger Casino Mobile How much can you earn on microlimits -

A question about MTT variance/BRM relative to field size | Run It Once 4 Jul 2014 ... Most of the literature I've read on BRM has pointed to a BRM of 250-300 average buyins, all the way up to 1000abi+ for professionals and high ... GTO Confusion | Run It Once

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Poker Variance & Online Poker Downswings - Cardschat Poker Variance & Downswings - Running Bad "I'm running bad," is a phrase you will often hear poker players use to describe periods of bad luck or variance. Brag, Beat, Variance (BBV) | Flop Turn River The explanation following the word Brag is usually the highlight of the story. Conversely, the "Beat" is the lowpoint of the story. The "Variance" response is usually an unexpected, or unintended, occurrence. Made popular on 2p2. Example. Brag: Went to Vegas, met some pro poker players. Beat: Lost a lot of money playing poker with them. Playing Poker with the Pros (Beat Brag Variance) | Poker ... BRAG: I squeezed Ted out of a 3-way pot with a raise on the river and he said (I think sincerely), "Good raise - you stole my half." VARIANCE: Ted Forrest is one of the best players of all time and was playing $10/20 Omaha at 7am on a Saturday morning in Atlantic City, so the shine comes off the apple of playing professionally pretty quick.

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Share poker hands, discuss strategy and meet others interested in tournament poker in our forums. Learn from the pros, discuss strategy and get tips on MTT strategy. The Lobby Beats, Brags and Variance Thread | The Front Row Forums Forums Other Sports Other Sport and Pastimes Poker Beats, Brags and Variance Thread Beats, Brags and Variance Thread. Discussion in 'Poker' started by ledzep, Jun 7, 2008. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > ledzep Bench. Joined: Mar 23, 2004 Messages: 2,521 Likes Received: 0. Brag: Won 2400 big blinds today Down-streak! : Beats, Brags and Variance Return to Beats, Brags and Variance. Jump to: Who is online. Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 1 guest ... The Outstanding Poker Community allows you to create your own free poker profile and connect with poker players from around the world using our poker forums, poker blogs, poker hand history replayer and more.Outstanding ... Bad beats and variance, - Learning Poker - CardsChat™